Audi to launch electric only model from 2026

Audi to launch electric only model from 2026

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German luxury car maker Audi on Tuesday announced that the company will stop manufacturing diesel and petrol cars by 2033. Actually, now the company is turning its attention towards eco-friendly electric cars. In this regard, the Audi CEO issued a statement saying that “Audi is well prepared to take its clear and powerful step into the electric era.” Let us tell you, the company plans to launch only new-electric car models from the beginning of the year 2026.

Significantly, car manufacturers everywhere are worried about climate change, due to which now their attention is towards battery-powered vehicles.

Duesman said Audi is launching more electric models this year than the diesel or petrol models. By the year 2025, Audi aims to have more than 20 e-models in this line-up name.

Duesman also said that even though the company is focusing on electric vehicles, the company will continue to work on improving its internal combustion engine until the end. Audi’s final internal combustion engine will be the best the company has ever produced.

Audi’s parent company Volkswagen announced at the beginning of the year that it would spend 46 billion euros (about Rs 4,08,120 crore) over the next five years to rule the global electric car market.


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