iPhone users beware!  Do not connect the phone to this Wi-Fi or you will never be able to use it again

Attention iPhone users! Your Wifi may be turned off when connected to this network, know the reason

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If you are an iPhone user then you need to be careful. Actually iPhone users need to be careful with Wi-Fi networks. Their WiFi access may suddenly stop when they approach this network. This is like a bug that surfaced a while back. Carl Shaw, the cybersecurity researcher who reported that bug, says in a new report that entering the ‘%secretclub% power’ Wi-Fi SSID stops Wi-Fi service on the iPhone.

In the previous bug, Wi-Fi was disabled on the iPhone when the user tried to connect to the “%p%s%s%s%s%n” network, but in the new bug only when the network was in range . may be completely disabled.

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Reportedly, the issue may lie in the iOS network code stack, which warns as a network bug involving string sequence characters such as %p, %s and %n.

When a user encounters a new bug, simply resetting the device’s network settings won’t restart Wi-Fi service. For this, the user has to reset the iPhone completely.

However, this problem can be solved quickly. iPhone maker Apple will launch a software update for this.

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The company has always been quick to fix bugs that hinder iPhone services. Errors regarding character strings have also been seen in the past. Due to this, users also have to face problems in WhatsApp.


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