Ather 450X electric scooter with a range of 116 km on a single charge opens showroom in Delhi

Ather 450X electric scooter with a range of 116 km on a single charge opens showroom in Delhi

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Indian startup Ather Energy has opened its first showroom in Delhi. The company calls its showroom Ather Space. Retail showroom has been opened in Lajpat Nazar, Delhi. The company on Thursday announced the opening of the showroom on its Twitter account on July 2. This is the tenth retail outlet of the Bengaluru-based startup. Ather currently has an electric scooter in its portfolio, which is named Ather 450X. It also has an ‘affordable’ variant, which the company calls the Ather 450 Plus. Along with the price, there is a difference in the power and range of both.

Ather Energy on Thursday opened its first retail showroom in Delhi on July 2 through its Twitter handle. Declaration And today the company’s CEO and founder Tarun Mehta tweeted about the opening of its first Ather Space showroom in Delhi. Information Has been given. Tarun says that the company is planning to open more showrooms in the capital in the near future. In this showroom, customers can get information about the electric scooter and can also take its test ride. This outlet will also have arrangements for service and charging of electric scooters. Existing Ather electric scooter users will also be able to charge their vehicle here.

450X Electric Scooter Ex-showroom Delhi Cost 1,32,426 will be Rs. At the same time, the price of 450 Plus will be Rs 1,13,416. As we mentioned, there is a difference in the power and some features of both.

Earlier this year, Ather Energy started deliveries of the 450X in Delhi, but customers were left with no option but to experience before buying the electric scooter. Now customers can take a test ride before buying these scooters. The startup has a total of 14 public fast charging points, called Ather Grid, installed across the city. These are located at places like Green Park, Dilshad Garden, Krishna Nagar and Connaught Place. The company aims to double the number of electric two-wheeler charging stations by the end of this year. Ather Energy will also help customers set up home charging points in their apartments and buildings after the purchase of the electric scooter.

The Ather 450X and 450 Plus have some differences as well as many similarities. Both get 3 riding modes, which include Eco, Ride and Sport. There is a difference of range between these three. Music control options are also available in the 450X with Bluetooth connectivity. There is a difference in the power of both. The 450 Plus motor produces 5.4 kW of peak power, while the 450X motor produces 6 kW of peak power. There is also a difference in the actual range of both. The Plus variant has a range of 70 kms, while the expensive variant will give you the correct range of 85 kms. Although its certified range is 116 km. The expensive variant can accelerate from 0-40 kmph in 3.3 seconds, while the cheaper variant takes 3.9 seconds. There is also a difference in charging speed. The 450X can run 15 km on a 10-minute charge, while the 450 Plus can do 10 km on a 10-minute charge.


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