Apple Watch saved this woman's life!

Apple Watch saved this woman’s life!

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Apple Watch has proved to be a life saver for a woman. Heart rate monitor saved a woman’s life. Like other smart wearables, the Apple Watch has also become an important health device. Its heart rate monitor is one of its key features. Its readings can be easily understood by the user and he can modify his routine accordingly. When a Michigan woman noticed her rising heart rate on her Apple Watch, she acted wisely and saved her life.

Diane Fenstra, a woman from Norton Shores, Michigan, found signs of a very high heart rate on her Apple Watch. However, at that time the woman was not doing any physical exercise or hard work. Seeing the rising heart rate, she immediately called her husband and he was saved from a possible cardiac arrest. Her Apple Watch recorded a reading of 169 beats/minute on the day of the incident, leading Diane to call her husband 48 years old. Her husband instructed to call the doctor immediately.

Luckily he was taken to the hospital. There, an ECG revealed that he had had a heart attack, a fatal condition caused by a blocked artery. Diane then went through a successful stent procedure and was back home on her feet. She is grateful for the gift of Apple Watch given to her by her husband. Actually, Diane first bought the gift of Apple Watch for her husband. Then her husband gave her an Apple Watch as a gift.

Smart wearable devices, including the Apple Watch lineup, are increasingly being used as health and fitness tools. These tools include a wide range of functionality. In addition to monitoring the heart rate, several other sensors provide important measurements. This allows the user’s health to be measured effectively. Apple Watch has another feature called Fall Protection feature which has proved to be a life saver recently. Apple will continue to develop features in its smartwatches that will make them stand out and protect users’ lives.

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