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Desk of Steph Robey, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer

What’s The Value Of This SendOutCards List Of Pros & Cons?

I’ll tell you at the end of this article why I think SendOutCards has a hidden opportunity for those who pursue it.

My goal here is to present you with the facts about SendOutCards so you can make a decision about starting your MLM business. I don’t work for SendOutCards and I am not a distributor. I have over two decades of experience in primarily start-ups and small business and also hold an MBA and several years of experience in Corporate America.

Any business will require a lot of your time, money and considerable effort before you see any success. As an MLM coach, I’ve witnessed first hand what it takes to succeed. Success requires tenacity and a determined mindset beginning on the first day. Quitting is never an option.

SendOutCards, in general, had no negative press, little competition, with distributors raving about its products. They also offer a good comp plan.There’s huge potential for financial success with your SendOutCards business if you can get enough people looking at your presentation, daily. The “old school” method of marketing taught by the leaders makes it very difficult for the average person to gain the critical mass needed for success in this industry.

To understand the details, read below.

Details of The SendOutCards Pros & Cons

SendOutCards Reputation

A quick Google search on both SendOutCards and Kody Bateman (CEO) didnít reveal any shocking or disheartening news. The information I found on the web was mostly positive towards SendOutCards. Often, the MLM industry in general has a reputation of scarred people who thought they could “get rich quick.” Thanks to the leaders for honestly positioning SendOutCards and not leaving a trail of “wounded” disillusioned distributors.

A quick check with both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at the time of this writing revealed no complaints about the company.

SendOutCards Years In Business

90% of businesses tend to fail during the first year. It’s always safer to go into business with a MLM or Network Marketing company that has a little history. Founded in 2004, SendOutCards has successfully made it past the 5-year mark which makes SendOutCards a safer opportunity bet.

SendOutCards Management

Kody Bateman, CEO of SendOutCards is on a mission to build a billion-dollar greeting cards company. He had real reasons to start SendOutCards. Immediately after college, leaving home for his first real job, his brother was tragically killed. He hadn’t really said goodbye to his brother.

The idea for SendOutCards came from this tragic event.

After doing a Google search for background on Mr. Bateman, I couldn’t really find any infornation and the company website doesn’t really post his resume, a bit of a concern since leadership is so critical. It appears Mr. Bateman began SendOutCards, right out of college, with little corporate experience. While SendOutCards IS thriving, I’d prefer to see a more experienced management team.

SendOut Cards Financial Stability

The company is debt free at the time this article was written.

SendOutCards Products

IF you like the product, chances are your customers will, too. This is especially important with MLMs and Network Marketing companies. SendOutCards conceptually is a great idea: choose a card online just as you would an egreeting. But, instead you get a hand stuffed, signed, and delivered through the mail, traditional greeting card.

You’ll also get a contact manager online for the price of your card. For as easy as it is to send an email, you can even send a hand signed fully customized card with your own photos.

Don’t you just love that?

Competing Companies Of SendOutCards

Greeting cards comprise a billion dollar industry. While Hallmark and American Greetings are pratically household words, SendOutCards is unique in both its online delivery system and being a part of the MLM industry. There really are no competitors for SendOutCards, which would make you first to market, a huge advantage.

SendOutCards Compensation Plan

SendOutCards offers a front-end compensation plan, otherwise known as direct sales, with decent commissions, fast. This is known as GPT, or Get Paid Today, my personal favorite type of plan. As a new business, you’ll need cash flow and so will your team members, so this is critical. This allows faster cash flow and keeps you “in money” as you grow your revenues.

Make money in your sleep with SendOutCards’s back-end compensation plan, otherwise known as a residual income.Trust me, this is a really good thing.

To succeed in your home based business, you really have to get a lot of people looking at your business plan on a daily basis.

Success means signing one new distributor every day.

How This SendOutCards Comp Plan Works:

  1. You sign up first as a SendOutCards Member.
  2. Then, decide to work the SendOutCards business and participate in the comp plan simply by encouraging others to get the “free gift.” (Great incentive!)

There are Seven Levels Of SendOutCards Compensation:

  1. Customer Direct Sales Profits: People purchase an annual pre-paid greeting card account used to purchase the cards and stamps.
  2. Retail profits from Preferred customers (paid monthly). This pays volume commissions.
  3. Wholesale Packages – $298 including a coaching session from you. You get $120 bonus, paid after coaching is completed (paid weekly basis).
  4. The Entrepreneurs Package – With this package you get paid an additional $15 to $50 for each coaching session in your downline, the cost is $398, commissions paid weekly.
  5. Seminar Treat’em Right – Weekly bonus when you get your reps to attend this additional seminar. $5 to $30 additional commission.
  6. The Seven-Level Bonus – Greeting cards commission paid on your entire group, monthly.
  7. Leadership Bonus – As you rise in ranks of leadership, you can make a 5% to 25% commission on greeting cards sold, unlimited levels.

The Competition of SendOutCards

Leadership, or the top producers, in the MLM organization can be very revealing. Checkout one of the SendOutCards trainings. Chat with them in person. See how they do both their own SendOutCards marketing and their training. This is a critical component of how quickly you will start making money.

Look for a system or step-by-step blueprint to easily get you started.

The only downside to SendOutCards, that I see, is the top SendOutCards producers are old school marketers: utilizing the 3-foot rule, and the friends and family list of warm contacts all pointed towards hotel or home meetings.You’ll need a huge personal network to be successful with old school marketing techniques. Beware of the fact that it takes a lot of people looking at your SendOutCards business every single day to reach your “one new SendOutCards sign-up,” daily.

Read The Training Below.

SendOutCards Training

A lot of MLM companies simply plug their distributors into recorded webinars and mastermind groups which are awesome. The problem is that SendOutCards is not training on new school marketing, on the Internet, which is a huge mistake for any marketer today.

You can easily generate 50 to 100 prospects daily with Internet Marketing. That amounts to hundreds of people each day looking at your business. That would be very difficult to do daily without leveraging the Internet and instead attempting face-to-face discussions with prospects.

People will come to you.

A lot of MLM companies just don’t “get this.” They continue to advocate that their distributors use old school marketing techniques and people continually fail this way: rather than chase leads you want to attract them to you, no convincing. You’re required to talk to anyone within 3 feet of you in order to get to your critical numbers. I should know, I’ve done plenty of it. This just alienates you from everyone you know who starts to avoid you – and your business.

This is huge for SendOutCards distributors looking for a market..

Untapped Goldmine In SendOutCards Revealed

Utilizing today’s technology and the Internet, along with Attraction Marketing, the SendOutCards opportunity is like a hidden goldmine. That’s exactly why I put together this website. SendOutCards distributors who take advantage of this can literally dominate the market in very little time.

Never go to a hotel or home meeting again and never wait to approach complete strangers ever, ever again. Better, use this system of online sales funnels that educate people who are showing an interest in your business and eventually buy your products online while you’re doing something else. I’ve done it!

I will show you EXACTLY step-by-step how you can do it too!

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