An IJango Review – What is IJango?

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The Company: IJango is a new network marketing company based out of Austin, TX. The chairman of the company is Steve Smith. Smith is one of the founders of Excel Communications, the fourth largest long distance phone service carrier in the nation. Steve has a track record for building successful business. Excel Communications became a billion dollar company 9 years faster than Microsoft and is also the youngest company to every been added to the New York Stock Exchange.

The Platform: iJango is a new, fully customizable web portal. It can be used much like a home page where you use can access almost anything on the internet without leaving the portal.

Unlike some programs, like Alladvantage and Agloco (which are nothing but toolbars), the iJango portal that can be used much like a homepage.

As a user: Users of the web portal can fully customize their page to the point where they don’t have to leave the page to access other sites. Users can add the widgets of the sites they desire to access to their web portal. Its like adding applications to an iPhone.

To get you a better understanding about what a web portal is, think about the front pages of MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.

On these pages, all the information is sectioned off. There is a news section, an entertainment section, a finance section, etc. The companies provide the information they believe their viewers want to see.

Now imagine being able to modify these pages to the point where you can even add a section where you could check your Facebook messages or a section where you could group all the bills you pay online. That is the power of the customizability of the iJango portal.

As a distributor: Giants like Google and Yahoo make their money from companies who pay them to advertise on their site. So even though they are free to users, sites like Google and Yahoo still make a substantial income from their advertising revenue.

iJango operates in the same manner…except for one thing. The company has combined that internet commerce aspect with network marketing therefore allowing distributors of the portal to receive a percentage of the revenues generated from the use of the web portal.

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