Amazon is giving you a chance to win 5 thousand rupees through the app, the whole way is very easy

Amazon is giving you a chance to win 5 thousand rupees through the app, the whole way is very easy

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Amazon App Quiz June 21, 2021: A new edition of Daily App Quiz has started on e-commerce platform Amazon. Online shopping platform Amazon is offering a chance to win Rs 5,000 on Amazon Pay balance in its quiz today. This quiz is available on the mobile app of Amazon. For information, let us tell you that this daily quiz starts every day at 8 in the morning and continues till 12 in the night. The quiz consists of five questions from General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs.

To win such a huge prize, you have to answer all the questions asked in the quiz correctly. Four options are given in each question asked during the quiz. The winner of today’s quiz will be announced on June 22.

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They will be selected through lucky draw. Here we are telling you five questions of today’s quiz along with their answers. So let’s play and win 5,000 Amazon Pay balance.

Question 1: In 2021, which High Court became the first in India to live stream judicial proceedings on a YouTube channel?
answer: Gujarat High Court.

Question 2: Jagdish Khattar, who passed away recently, was the Managing Director of which company from 1999 to 2007?
answer: Maruti Udyog Limited.

Question 3: In April 2021, which Indian state was affected by the Lunglei forest fire?
answer: Mizoram.

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Question 4: Which republic declared independence from this country in 1948?
answer: Israel.

Question 5: He is famous for writing the best selling book of which of the following?
answer: a brief History of Time.


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