Amazon accidentally sold AC worth Rs 1 lakh for just Rs 5900

Amazon accidentally sold AC worth Rs 1 lakh for just Rs 5900

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Amazon e-commerce company is known for its discount offers, from small to big expensive products, the company gives great discount offers for its customers. On Monday, Amazon customers got such an incredible offer, in which the company is selling Toshiba 1.8 Ton Inverter AC for Rs 96,700 with a 94 percent discount offer for just Rs 5,900. Arguably this was a big mistake made by the e-commerce company, but as soon as the company realized its mistake, many customers took advantage of this mistake. This news was first spotted by India Today.

On Monday, Amazon mistakenly listed Toshiba Air Conditioners (ACs) on the website with a discount of up to 94 per cent, after which the price of ACs of Rs 96,700 came down to just Rs 5,900. Realizing the mistake, the company rectified this discount offer. Now Toshiba 1.8 Ton 5-Star Inverter Gloss Vice Variant AC is listed on the website with a 20 percent discount offer, after which you can buy this AC for Rs 59,490. There is also an EMI offer of Rs 2800 on this.

Let me tell you, this is not the first time that Amazon has made such a big mistake. Earlier in the year 2019, during the Prime Day sale, the company made a camera worth Rs 9 lakh available for sale for Rs 6,500. Due to the disturbance in the offer on the website from Amazon, how many people have got the benefit of this offer, at present no clear information has been revealed in this regard.

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