Amazing!  A man was seen flying in the sky, people said - the enemy of Spider-Man has come, the video goes viral

Amazing! A man was seen flying in the sky, people said – the enemy of Spider-Man has come, the video goes viral

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When in New York City of America, people were surprised when they saw a man flying in the air in the sky. People started making different types of speculations, some like Bird Man and some compared that person to the villain of Spider-Man movie. Actually that person was flying in the air with the help of hoverboard. Nowadays such hoverboards are becoming quite popular, especially among the youth. With the help of such a hoverboard, Frankie Zapata flew over the English Channel on the flyboard in 2019, during the flight, his speed was 177 kilometers per hour and he covered a distance of 35 kilometers in just 22 minutes. was.

But there was someone else to surprise people in New York’s Times Square, and the hoverboard he used was also very different from Frankie Zapata’s hoverboard.

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A video viral on social media shows a man in fully protective gear standing on top of a drone-like hoverboard and hovering in the air on a crowded street. The man was seen standing calmly on his hoverboard and people started making videos of this man’s feat with their phones.

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The creator of such a video, Rex Chapman (@RexChapman), tweeted a video of the feat on Twitter, which has so far been viewed by millions. Viewers are also seen doing funny things in the reply section of this video. If someone has called Spider-Man a villain, then many users are talking about the safety of this person.

The Green Goblin was featured as a villain in the movie Spider-Man, released in 2002, with the villain moving around in a single hoverboard. Many users remembered this villain Green Goblin, after this video a user called this video ‘Green Goblin???’ Also wrote shared in the caption.

After this the reply section of this video was filled with scenes from the movie Spider-Man. If someone was going to see the future of the villain, then someone started talking about the return of that villain.

The person performing the stunt in the air was discovered by Inside Edition magazine Hunter Kowald, and Hunter reported that he had obtained permission from all relevant authorities to perform the stunt.

He told that he had worked hard for many years to do this feat safely. He told that he has built his hoverboard very closely by connecting it to the safety hardware. He told that he had installed 2 motors in this hoverboard so that even if one motor fails, the other can land safely.


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