After Elon Musk's tweet, the price of bitcoin increased again, know the latest price

After Elon Musk’s tweet, the price of bitcoin increased again, know the latest price

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Bitcoin touched a two-week high of $40,000 (approximately Rs 29.2 lakh) on Monday. The reason for this boom in bitcoin is once again Elon Musk, who is often criticized for influencing the crypto market. Tesla owner Elon Musk has said once again that Tesla may have sold bitcoin, but it may once again start in terms of payments.

In February, Tesla announced that it would invest $1.5 billion (about Rs 10,980 crore) in bitcoin. It was also announced that it would also accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Since that time, bitcoin has been diving into the vortex of Elon Musk’s statements.

Then came Elon Musk’s statement that since bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy and is responsible for changes in the environment, our electric car company is rejecting it as payment.

bitcoin price in india 28.7 lakh till 12 noon (IST) on June 14.

Now on Sunday, Elon Musk posted again on Twitter, in which he said, “Tesla will pay this digital currency again when miners are sure that up to 50 percent of clean energy is being used in bitcoin mining. ” will be accepted as such.”

Following his tweet, bitcoin jumped 9% and breached its previous 20-day moving average in Asia to reach $39,838.92 (approximately Rs 29.1 lakh).

Bobby Ong, co-founder of crypto analytics website CoinGecko, said, “The market was going through another period of correction over the weekend…

He added that the software company and major bitcoin-supporting microstrategy had also raised half a billion dollars to buy bitcoin.
Bitcoin has gained about 33 percent this year. But amid regulatory crackdown in China and Musk’s apparent enthusiasm for it, it has fallen from a record high of $60,000 (about Rs 44 lakh). Telsa stock is down nearly 30 percent since the company’s bitcoin purchase.

Musk’s tweet was in response to an article based on comments by Magda Wirzica, the head of cybersecurity firm Syngia. who in a radio interview last week accused him of “price manipulation” and sold a “large portion” of his exposure.

“This is wrong. Tesla only sold 10% stake to confirm that BTC can be easily liquidated without affecting the market,” Musk said.
Musk tweeted in May that Tesla “will not sell any bitcoin” and “has not sold any bitcoin”. But investors are waiting for Tesla’s next earnings update, which will arrive next month. So that you will know what has changed in its condition.

Other cryptocurrencies held steady after posting gains over the weekend. Ether $2,491 (approximately Rs. dodgecoin price in india 23.78 on June 14 at 12:30 PM (IST) Rs.


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