6 Week Body Makeover – What’s Your Body Type?

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The first step of the Michael Thurman 6 Week Body Makeover is to determine what body type you are and the types of foods that will cause your body to lose weight. The body makeover is not a diet; you do not have to eat special meals, buy and mix special drinks or ingest diet pills. The whole point of this diet is not to starve yourself and to choose foods that work with your body to speed up your metabolism and eventually burn calories. The premise of the diet is that once you understand what types of foods increase your metabolism, the more food you’ll be able to eat.

Step one entails determining what type of body structure you have. You can determine your body structure by using the body blueprint which comes with the makeover diet kit. There are four different types of bodies in the Michael Thurman diet and you will be categorized as having an A, B, C or D body once you fill out the blue print.

Body Type A is known to have the slowest metabolism of any of the bodies within the Michael Thurmond diet. Often the person with this type of body has struggled with keeping their weight down their entire life. However, the positive side of being a Body Type A is that these types of people will have the most significant weight loss and faster results because the food choices in the six week body makeover will speed up your metabolism. Type A bodies are more sensitive to certain types of carbohydrates such as fruits and starchy vegetables. These types of people should avoid “sweet” and “complex” carbohydrates such as sweet fruits, candy, fruit juices, process grains in breads and pastas. Because of the Type A metabolism, proteins should be limited to the leanest types of meats such as halibut, tuna, flounder, cod and egg whites. Also, chicken and turkey respond well with this type of body. A sample meal for a Type A would be tequila-lime grilled halibut, roasted new potatoes and spring vegetable medley.

A Type B body tends to build and maintain lean muscle with relative ease. This is good a factor as lean muscle is the key to boosting your metabolism and losing weight. However, a Body Type B metabolism is still too slow to burn all the calories that are consumed in any given day. These types of people need to stay away from very complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, yams, rice and unrefined pastas. When it comes to protein consumption, the best type of meat is chicken breast, turkey breast, shrimp, crab and other seafood. A Type B should stay away from red meats as the purpose of this diet is to become lean, not gain mass.

Type C is similar to a B. However, the difference between a B and a C is that these types of people do not have to be as careful with complex carbohydrates. A typical meal for a C body type is chicken and shrimp stir fry with garden vegetables.

Lastly, Type D bodies tend to have sluggish metabolisms and a lack of adequate lean muscle tissue. The key to weight loss for a Body Type D is to consume and large amount of high-quality proteins such as lean red meats. This is the opposite of the other body types as the other types of bodies tend to stay away from red meats. Just like B’s and A’s, these type of bodies should stay away from simple carbohydrates that are found in fruits, pure sugars and processed grains.

You do not have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. The key factor is to know what type of body you have and to determine what types of food work well with your body, not against it. So the question is, are you an A, B, C or D?

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