5 Tips On Mushroom Logs For Sale To Grow Your Small Businesses

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Do you want to grow good quality shiitake mushrooms for your small business? You can have nutritious addition to your collection if you fruit your logs. These elegant, fleshy fungi can add a delicious touch to your recipes. The flavor you will get will outweigh any other recipe which makes use of other kinds of mushrooms. You can even keep these fresh shiitakes in the refrigerator for two to three weeks. Even if they dry up, they will regain their original texture if you soak them in water. The process of blanching and then freezing will help in keeping the shiitakes in usable condition for several months.

Start your business with these tips

You may be pondering over the idea of now starting your cultivation. If you have a fruitful production, you can even think of starting your own business on a small scale. Buy mushroom logs for sale from renowned suppliers and get a fresh supply of mushrooms. Learn some of the basic tips so that you can end up with a nutritious yield.

1. Regular maintenance

You should purchase mushroom logs for sale from the market and take adequate steps to maintain them regularly. These chunks can be kept healthy by soaking them after a gap of two weeks. For this purpose, you should use only non-chlorinated water. The sources may be filtered, bottled or rainwater.

2. Living organism

You must be aware of the fact that the log you are dealing is a living entity. Air, water, and sunlight are the elements necessary for the growth of mycelium. You can always force fruit your log after a gap of two months. This objective can be attained by soaking those blocks in non- chlorinated water for an entire day. These will lead the chunks to believe that the spring or the fall season is just around the corners.

3. Types of woods

The blocks which work best are oaks, ironwood, hard maple and sweet gum. You can attain faster results by using lighter hardwoods. However, they are not that durable compared to denser types. The presence of fungicidal resins makes softwoods inappropriate for mushroom cultivation. You can always trust a reliable supplier for providing you with the right choice of logs.

4. Commercial operators

The commercial operators are experts who produce logs by making them pass through various temperature settings and immersing them in cool water at appropriate intervals. The best quality chunks are supplied to the farms and local businesses.

5. Various factors having an impact

You can enjoy cultivating fresh mushrooms for four years or so if you take adequate care of your logs. The factors that have an impact on the fruiting of the logs are the level of moisture, amount of sunlight and appropriate temperature. You should always keep in mind that a well-rested log produces the most effective results.

Check out the websites

You should ensure that you buy these logs from renowned manufacturers. Otherwise, you will not have the expected outcome, and you will end up being disappointed with the quality of the yield. Always go through the various websites and then take a well-informed decision.

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