5 Changes Needed To Ensure More Responsive Public Officials!

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Have you ever wondered, why, so many, eligible voters, either, don’t care, believe it doesn’t make any difference, or, feel, they are too busy, to get more involved with the voting process, etc? Why do we continue, witnessing, so many, elected officials, getting, reelected, seemingly, in – spite – of, their actual record, in terms of the quality of their service and representation? What can we do, to ensure, more responsive, responsible, relevant, and sustainable representation, which, aims to address the nation’s needs, priorities, goals, and perceptions, in order to attempt, to better – align, it, with the so – called, Constitutional guarantees, as well as, the environmental, climate, and judicial actions, needed, to make this nation, as good, as it might be (and should be). With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 necessary changes, which need to implemented, consistently, etc.

1. Create higher standards of behavior: Doesn’t it make sense, elected and public officials, should, not only be held to the standards, the rest of us, are, but to, much higher ones? Don’t we need, more and better rules, etc, and far – better enforcement? Isn’t there a reason, so many people, hold politicians, in, so little esteem, believing, most of these individuals, are, at – best, liars? Now, more than ever, we need, not only, meaningful standards, but, consistent enforcement!

2. Clear ethical responsibilities: The necessary, ethical responsibilities, and acceptable behavior, must be clearly stated, for all, to understand! When, it comes to ethics, there must be, no gray – areas! We witness, far – too many, conflicts of interest, etc, and, too – often, it seems, these people, put their own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the needs, etc, of the public!

3. Change campaign financing: Have you ever thought, many politicians, are, overly – influenced, by corporate donations, and/ or, influences? When the so – called, Citizens United, rules, created, the concept of corporations, as people, the amount of campaign spending, as well as misleading advertisements, etc, have become accelerated! We must address this, sooner, rather than later, to ensure, the possibility of better – quality, service and representation!

4. Reduce the lengths of campaigns: Why do American election campaigns, seem, to go – on, for so much, more time, than, in other nations? These prolonged campaigns, create the perceived need, for more campaign spending, which, rarely, serves the public’s best interests!

5. Strict rules/ reviews/ regulations of campaign advertising: We need to create, and implement, far – stricter rules and regulations, and meaningful enforcement, of what, those running, for office, promise, claim, and state, in these campaigns, in order, to better inform, and circulate, real information, instead of so – called, Fake Facts!

Unless/ until, we ensure, public officials, consistently, behave in a more responsive, honorable manner, we will continue, seeing, the same – old, same – old, questionable behaviors, etc! Will you become a more responsible voter and citizen, become better informed, and, demand, a higher level/ standard, from those we elect?

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