11 Ways to Become Rich

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1) Becoming rich by marring someone rich– This is in fact a famous way to become rich. Many people marry people who are already rich and inherit a lot of wealth. Marrying someone for the wealth may not be the most noble way and may say a lot about a person, yet we hear many cases of this happening in society today.

2) Becoming rich by being greedy– These are the rich people everyone hates. They are rich but they don’t contribute to anyone’s happiness. When someone is greedy invariably they take to the incorrect ways of making money. Deceiving people and breaking laws become a habit. One may become rich by being greedy but it comes at a cost. These people don’t have many friends or much peace in their lives

3) Becoming rich by being a crook– This is an extension of people who are greedy to be rich. The advanced stage of a person being greedy is becoming a crook. Stealing, corruption, selling illegal substances all can get one rich but is it really worth the risk? Most of the people who become rich being a crook end up in jail or are on most wanted lists.

4) Becoming rich by being cheap– This is the most popular attempt to become rich. This is done by living below your means. This path is full of sacrifices and living with no satisfaction. The problem with this path is even though one becomes rich he still lives like a poor man. Saving pennies, hoarding money etc. Many people think this is the best way to become rich, yet in the end they still live poor.

5) Becoming rich by working hard– Yes, we all believe in this path don’t we. In fact we are all taught this from childhood by parents and teachers all alike. This path is followed by most of the middle class people who want to be rich. The path invariably makes you find a job and keep working very hard to earn money. The problem with this is that hard working people often find it hard to enjoy the hard earned money. This is because most of the time is spent working hard for money. Also the people who work really hard at jobs are taxed the highest.

6) Becoming rich by being exceptionally gifted– Tiger woods, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Brad Pitt just incredibly talented, handsome or gifted people who exchange their talents or looks for money. Hollywood, athletes fall in this space. Yet it is also interesting how many people after their careers go broke. Yet if you have are gifted and you know how to make use of your talents or know to market your looks, you can become rich.

7) Becoming rich by being lucky– Again this is a popular attempted way to get rich. People spending money on betting, race tracks, lotteries, casinos etc. People here trust their gods and stars than their talents. More often these attempts fail. Only a few are successful in becoming rich following this way. Studies also show that this way of getting rich becomes an addiction and people end up losing money and health.

8) Becoming rich by inheriting money– Inheriting property and wealth is also one of the ways to getting rich. Unfortunately in today s world, people kill for inheritance. A rich mans son will inherit all the property after his father passes away.

9) Becoming rich by Investing– A very productive way to become rich is by investing. Most cases require you to have money to invest. The biggest hindrance following this way is also the lack of financial education and intelligence. One can invest in businesses, stocks and real estate to get rich. Yet if one does not know how to invest properly and manage his finances there is a good chance of incurring losses than profits. If one has the required knowledge you can become rich very soon and by using valid means.

10) Becoming rich by building a business– This is the proven and trusted way of becoming rich. Most of the rich people in the world are people who own and have built businesses. This is also one of the best ways to become rich as businesses focus on building systems which mean that the systems operate to make you rich. When a business is built you now own an asset which keeps making money for you. A small business can be differentiated from a large business by the size of the network. Ex: McDonalds is a big business. Simply put people have become rich by learning to build businesses.

11) Becoming rich by building a Network marketing business– This is a new age way of becoming rich and its revolutionary. The major difference between the top ten ways and the network marketing business is that the network marketing business focuses on a lot of people becoming rich instead of just one. In today’s world, the network marketing business is one of the fastest way to share wealth. The network marketing system does not care of your education, sex, religion, skill set etc. Anyone who has the drive and determination is bound to succeed in this business. The initial joining fees is also low, making it perfect for anyone to make the transition to being an entrepreneur. The icing on the cake with this business, one becomes rich by sharing, teaching and helping others get rich.

Today there are many ways of getting rich. One must analyze the method that suits him best to become rich and with a strong determination its is not beyond reach.

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