100 Ways to Create Wealth by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford Book Review

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If we don’t try to achieve what we really want in life, how do we know whether or not we will succeed?

100 Ways to Create Wealth is not a book that tells us how to make investments in the stock market. As I read this book, it seemed to me that it is a book that lists and explains 100 common sense principles to achieve what we want to achieve in life.

#93 sums it all up: “Ask Each Day, Why Not Me” – As the authors state, we do what we think we can do but no more than that. As a result, we look around at the other people who have much more than us and we feel somewhat envious. We must believe we can do just as much as anyone else.

Some of my favorite topics are:

#1 – “Draw A Line in the Sand” – You have to take a stand. Say no to failure.

#2 – “Use One Hour A Day” – Sit alone for one hour per day with a yellow pad and write down whatever comes into your subconscious mind. You will be surprised!

#81 – “Start at the Right Time” – There never is a good time to make a courageous move like starting a business or looking for a new job. Many times when you did something like this and then looked back at it, the outcome turned out to be a good time for you to do it.

I could go on and on because all of these topics are so interesting and make so much sense.

The authors wrote this book with the intention of making people be able to reach their real purpose in life and to be able to have the power to help others.

Each of the 100 Ways to Create Wealth start with a quote by a famous person and is related to the subject of that specific topic. The reader will find personal stories and examples included for each topic.

The authors both coach people on a path to greater wealth. The book is written for the age of the home-business entrepreneur but can be put to use by anyone.

This is a book that will be enjoyed by anyone – from a person thinking about starting a business, someone just starting a career or a stay at home mom. It will help each person find out what is holding him or her back from doing what he or she really wants to achieve in life. It will give you the encouragement you need to fulfill your dreams. The topics are written in a format that is easy to understand. Be sure to add 100 Ways to Create Wealth to your reading list. I highly recommend this book.

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