10 Steps For an Effective Point of Purchase Display

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For years marketers and major brands have known it, but now these days there is also is a wealth of consumer research proving that Point of Purchase display material drives incremental retail sales.

The effectiveness of this advertising combined with falling print and production costs means that this form merchandising is no longer just for the big boys. If you’ve ever considered jumping on this profitable retail band-wagon, but not know where to start, here are some of the key steps in developing a successful Point of Purchase advertising campaign…

  1. Your Point of Purchase display must carry a ‘call to action’ message
  2. The display message must be able to be read and understood at a glance
  3. The most effective results are achieved by linking the display with other in-store advertising or a broader external advertising campaign
  4. Sales representatives or retail staff must be well informed on exactly how to assemble and where to place your POP display
  5. On that note, retail staff must be informed if there is an exclusive offering that goes along with the display
  6. Furthermore, retail staff can be offered an incentive to suggestively sell your deal to customers.
  7. Be sure that the proposed Point of Purchase elements is durable enough to last the life of the promotion
  8. It must be considered that all POP items be cost effectively distributed to their retail destinations
  9. To ensure ongoing value from your Point of Purchase advertising campaigns, be sure that results can be effectively monitored and measured
  10. Increasingly, it is desired (and often specified) that POP displays are able to be easily and efficiently recycled so as to reduce landfill.

By bearing these points in mind while planning and designing you next Point of Purchase promotion, you’ll be able to avoid pitfalls and give yourself the best chance for success in this lucrative, yet often overlooked form of advertising. Good luck!

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