Xiaomi launches new powerful MIJIA Air Pump 1S, know price and features

Xiaomi launches new powerful MIJIA Air Pump 1S, know price and features

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Xiaomi has launched its new MIJIA Air Pump 1S which has been claimed to perform better than its old air pump. The company launched its own Mi Air Pump Tire Inflator in 2019. Now Xiaomi has introduced a new tire inflator from MIJIA which is a more efficient air pump. The company says that its capacity has been increased by more than 45 percent and it can fill two zero pressure car tires in just 11 minutes.

MIJIA Air Pump 1S Price & Availability

The Chinese tech giant on Tuesday officially launched the new MIJIA Air Pump 1S. This new tire inflator comes with the same price tag that the company had launched two years back. It is available for 199 Yuan (approximately US$30 / INR 2200). This product is listed for sale on online e-retailer JD.com. The company says that this new tire inflator has been launched with many improvements and promises of better performance than the old generation inflator.

MIJIA Air Pump 1S Features & Specifications Specific

Talking about its features, its overall capacity has also been increased by about 45.4% which enables it to fill two car tires at full capacity in just 11 minutes with almost zero air pressure. Similarly, it can rapidly inflate eight car tires with insufficient air pressure. At the same time, only 5.5 such tires could be filled with the pump of the previous generation. The body of the MIJIA Air Pump 1S uses a high precision alloy die cast cylinder block, which takes only 20 seconds to pressurize from 0 psi to 150 psi.

It is also useful for the high pressure requirements of mountain bikes, pressure shock absorbers and even regular road bike tires. A pressure sensor has notably been upgraded which now comes with a digital chip. This sensor can detect tire pressure accurately without any error. The device comes with 5 different inflation modes – Free Mode, Cycle Mode, Motorcycle Mode, Car Mode and Ball Mode. It can also prevent excessive inflation. Its battery capacity is 2,000mAh and it does not require an external charge supply to charge.

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