Telegram launches group video call feature, know how it can be used

Telegram launches group video call feature, know how it can be used

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New Delhi. Messaging app Telegram has introduced some new features. These also include group video calls. Both Android and iOS users on Telegram can now convert their group voice chats into video conference calls. Along with this, users will also be able to use features like noise suppression and tablet support. Users will also get the facility to share the screen while giving a presentation using the Screen Share feature. Initially, group video calls on Telegram will be limited to the first 30 people who join the voice chat. Telegram has revealed that voice chats in groups can now be easily converted into group video calls. For this you have to use the camera icon.

how to start a group video call
Android users can start the group video call option in the profile of the group in which they are an administrator. iOS will find a “Voice Chat” button to the right of the group profile. Telegram has also added some other features. These include animated backgrounds, importing customized third-party stickers, and a separate bot menu. In the animated background feature, the background color and pattern will change when the user sends or receives a message.

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Option to pin someone’s video feed to the screen
Users have the option of pinning someone’s video feed to the screen so that they are front and center even when a new participant joins the call. With Telegram’s new feature, users can now share your screen. If users want to give a presentation or show something during a video call, they will be able to share both their camera feed and screen simultaneously.

Number of members will increase in group video call
According to reports, Telegram’s group video calls are currently limited to the first 30 people to join the voice chat, but Telegram said that number will increase soon. The company said it will expand voice chat to support live events and other new features. Telegram users will be able to use these advanced features on smartphones, tablets and computers.


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